A delightful imposture(tailored for an ‘Escroc’)[version française]

Arnold definitely falls into the new wave of the so-called Chanson française, a true find, a pioneering band with delicately aranged lyrics beyond what is commonly expected of a popular music ensemble. The melodies are intoxicating and every single track on this new LP called ‘Escroc’ is a keeper. 1 CD purchased equals 1 free beer, 11 songs and 1 amazing journey. The ex-Chupa Chuvas have more than 200 performances behind them, not only the experience of the dirty underground clubs, with sometimes no amplification, but also an impressive array of opening slots. (Bénabar, Ogres de Barback, Hurlements de Léo, Michel Delpech, ect.). The lyrics of Arnold are visceral, wickedly clever and yet at once down to earth and relatable. Driven at times by delicate, sometimes care free croonings, clever chord progressions and a few indie rock sensibilities, the band have put together an LP that is immediate, but not shallow, original, but part of the mainstream. In the spirit of the true troubador they write out of a desire to share that experience of youth that is so truely felt, and lived by them.

This album is one that waxes delightfully lyrically, with a genuine maturity, declares a bribed critic, grandiose poems and tiny little stories, a beach seller of Chouchou who was dreaming of being a surfer, a captain of an oil tanker ready to set off, a touch of waltz-rock bringing us lively on ‘Abbesses ’, a hint of reaggae a hymn to ‘La vie ma belle’, the ‘Ballade de Villon’ in real folk for a tribute to the poet and last but not least it struts with the cocky groove of a swindler (in ‘Escroc’) that flaunts himself. Arnold’s splendid and moving lead vocals are at the center, the music incorporates many styles and is always inventive, at times gypsy-like, theatrical, tragic, joyful, and of course cynical- all accomplished with remarkable sophistication and what would otherwise be a contradiction – an uncanny rawness. Escroc is no fraud though.